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Bernadette et Charles Burrus

The history of Fondation Guilé goes back to the year 1814, when Martin Burrus started a tobacco business that would remain in the family for almost 200 years.

In 1931, his successor Léon and his wife Marguerite Burrus built a country manor to give a home to the spirit, values, and legacy of the family. They named the manor GUILÉ, a combination of their first names. The Domaine de Guilé became the place where the Burrus family hosted their large social network of relatives, friends, industrialists, politicians, philanthropists, military officials, and academics.

The tobacco magnate F.J. Burrus became a pioneer of corporate responsibility in Switzerland. For example, his company was the first in Switzerland to provide family allowances and corporate pension schemes.



After the family company was sold in 1996, Charles (1929-2011) and Bernadette Burrus felt a need to give back to society. They created Fondation Guilé to continue their family heritage and provide entrepreneurs with the necessary strategies and tools to become ethically responsible players in today’s international markets.

The couple inspired the foundation’s work towards peace and justice in order to give hope to future generations. Charles Burrus passed away on 9 May 2011. His spirit will live on in the activities of Fondation Guilé.