Fondation Guilé wishes to thank the persons who contributed to its mission and have been part of the foundation’s impact over the last ten years.


Charles Burrus
President of the Board 1997-2010

Régis Burrus
President of the Board 2011-

Member of the Board 2005-2010

Yves Claude Aubert
Member of the Board 2015-20

Roland Burrus 
Member of the Board 2014-2017

Melchior de Muralt
Member of the Board 2005-2016

Walter Fust
Member of the Board 2009-2016

Bernadette Burrus
Member of the Board 2010-

Bénédicte Burrus
Member of the Board  2007 –

Hardouin Burrus
Member of the Board  2009 – 2013

Klaus Leisinger
Member of the Board 2013-2015


Doris Rochat Monnier
Managing Director 2013-2017

Barbara Rigassi
Managing Director 2006-2013

Sylvie Dupasquier
Director of operations 2016-2017

Ben Sapin
Director of operations 2015-2016

Paola Abdelnour
Assistant 2014-2017


Dr. Thomas Streiff  (Head)
Dr. Dorothea Baur
Andrea Gäumann
Pascal Lüthi
Véronique Veyrassat
David Rochat
Sébastien Marquet
Dr. Cornelis T. van der Lugt
Richard Dion
Jiang Shan
Stefan Schembera
Janka Ruzicka
Martin Dolinský
Mariana Branco
Silvia Zamborova