“We very much appreciate the Guilé reporting assessments: they are based on a clear and accurate framework. And last but not least there is always an honest and constructive dialogue between Fondation Guilé and Geberit.” Christian Buhl, CEO of Geberit

“ … I am very grateful for your recognition of Total’s outstanding performance in reporting on sustainable issues. … I nevertheless understood that we could improve in terms of KPIs and examples to illustrate Total’s concrete actions; we will take your point into consideration and see how we can better fulfill this requirement. …” Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Total

“We are thankful to Fondation Guilé for taking the time to assess and challenge our Creating Shared Value reporting results and sustainability disclosures each year. Our engagement with Fondation Guilé is one of the trusting relationships we have with stakeholders, and we take its recommendations into account in our implementation and reporting disclosure. …” Janet Voûte, Global Head of Public Affairs Nestlé

“… Thank you for your deep screening of our CSR Reporting and activities. Your regular analysis is helping us to better identify areas of improvement. … I wish for us to continue this fruitful dialogue with the Fondation Guilé in the future.” Maurice Lévy, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Publicis

“We have found this continuous evaluation and engagement was very helpful to put our work on the right track and to focus our limited resources on material issues.” Strategic Development Department of China Mobile

Within ten years of engagement, we have received dozens of quotes recognizing Fondation Guilé’s added value through our work on companies’ CSR strategy and reporting. We only quoted a few of them, but we remain very impressed by the commitment of all the leaders that we met and grateful to our consultants’ network for building trustful relationships over the years.